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Another Five star review for Allergy Relief Cleaning Services.

Thank you Alex for the great 5 star customer review! "Six years after moving into my condo, my bedroom carpet had become dull and had mild dirt and dust marks from regular use. David from Allergy Relief Services came in on a Saturday morning and cleaned it. I have to say he did a fantastic job!! The carpet now looks like new and the whole room smells fantastic! Not only did he use a non-scented non-irritating cleaning solution, but he was meticulous in ensuring that non of the solution ended up on the bottom of my walls or blinds. Most importantly, I was extremely pleased that he put plastic cover under his machinery so that my hardwood floors would not get wet while working. Once the job was completed, he game me some plastic foot covers so that I could inspect the work he had done. As mentioned, I was really satisfied with how he restored my carpet to its original state. I would recommend David and Allergy Relief Cleaning to anyone...I will be referring him to my family and